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How to insert a reservation?
It’s very simple. Double-tap on the home screen of the calendar box at the day and the room in which you want to place a booking.

Touch “Insert a reservation” on the confirmation message will appear and fill out the form with the details of your reservation.

NOTE: Fields in red are required.

How to edit / delete a room?
From the home screen of the calendar, tap “Options” in the upper right.

In “Edit lists” section you will find two options to change your rooms: one gives to change the name, the second to change the type.
Tap the room you want to change the name, and then on the green pen on the right. Once you have entered the new name, touch “Update”.
If you want to delete a room, tap on the trash can symbol on the right. This will delete the room from your list. Warning: You cannot delete rooms which have entered reservations.
Do the same if you want to change the room type.(after touching “Edit rooms type”).

How to change the states color?
From the home screen of the calendar, tap “Options” in the upper right. .
In “Edit lists” section you will find the option “Edit Colors” that will allow you to change the colors of the states.
Choose the status you want to change and touch on the small colored square on the left. You will get a window with all the colors available, select the one you like.
Once up, simply touch “Update” to save your changes.

How to change the currency?
From the home screen of the calendar, tap “Options” in the upper right.
In “Your profile” section touch on “Edit your company profile”.
The first field in the new screen is related to currency.
Touch it and enter your currency.

Reservations can be entered by voice command?
No, for the moment this service is not available.

How to update RoomPlan?
We created two detailed articles on how to upgrade RoomPlan.

How to synchronize data between devices?
Follow these steps:

1) Active your account on the device entering the same email address

2 ) You will be told that there is already a user with this email . And if the mail is the same , touch on YES .

3) It will be asked to enter the password that had arrived the first time, at the above email ( if you don’t remember the password touch “Forgotten password” and check the email will come.

4) Once you put the password you will be told that you have an online backup and if you want to download.

5) Touch “YES” and the other device will now be aligned.

We recommend you to backup often to have the latest situation. The procedure is a manual alignment and it is not automatic. Every time that one of the devices saves a backup overwrites the latest version of the account under which it is activated. Each time you touch “RESTORE BACKUP” the device will catch up to the online backup.

How does the RoomPlan calendar works?
The RoomPlan calendar is based on “night sold” idea. Night is the main part of the guest residence. We know there are PMS-related to very complex sofware for large structures, which show the reservations at the turn of two days, but this is not the target of our APP

For example : If a guest sleeps April 10 and 11, Room Plan colors the 10th and 11th . On April 12 doesn’t color anything because the customer leaves.

On April 12 when the guest leaves and it’s replaced by another, the 12 field will be colored. It is just a mental habit to manage reservations.

And if your need to know the entry and exit time of customers can propose to the development team to add a field that takes account of the time, but that does not change the APP view. Unfortunately, such a change would entail a great deal of work on both Apple and Android.

Is RoomPlan App available in different languages?
RoomPlan App, from version 2.5, is available in 4 languages.

  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

To change the language go to “Options” -> “Change Language” and choose the language you prefer.

Is there a PC version of RoomPlan ?
Yes It is. Meeting many requests received, the software “RoomPlanOnline” is now available. With a few clicks you can exchange data from mobile devices with your Windows PC or Mac.

“RoomPlan” is now usable with all digital media and becomes a complete and indispensable in every tourist company of medium size. You can use “RoomPlanOnline” alone or sharing your database with the mobile devices on which you have installed the application RoomPlan.

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Can I enter more bookings at the same time?
For the moment it is not possible to insert more bookings at the same time.

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