RoomPlan – From 1 July 2015 the use of our server has become a fee.

Dear Customer,

As we announced on our website and on the Google Play and Apple Store pages of our app, as from 1st July 2015 using our server has become a fee, therefore it will no longer be free of charge.

Using the server will be free for 60 days after the application purchase.

The App will continue to work and be updated even without using the server, but it will no longer be possible to use the following services:

  • The functions “Save Backup” and “Restore Backup” to synchronize mobile devices
  • The alignment of mobile devices with RoomPlanOnline
  • Sending mail to the host
  • The sending of the PDF file with your reservations

You can purchase the server-sided service directly from our website

For those who are not using RoomPlanOnline, the PC software that syncs with the App, we remind you that you can download it from our website

Best regards,

Toolsplanning Team

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  1. Annik

    Combien coûte là full version de se programme



      You can see the price of our licenses here

      Best regards

  2. Sally lee

    It will be nice if we can amend or add in the item key because difference nature of business require difference item

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