The new features of RoomPlan 2.5

With this article we officially announce the release of the RoomPlan 2.5 version.
After a thorough analysis of all the e-mails our customers have sent us, we have decided to add some new features to our app to meet their needs.

Here is a list of the new features of RoomPlan 2.5:
1. Multilingual support: French, Italian, English, Spanish.
2. Multicolor system: you can choose the color for each of your reservation.
3. Preparation of the app to communicate with RoomPlan Online for PC or Mac. *
4. Your booking colors have been introduced into the statistics.
5. Reservations reported as unavailable have been removed.
6. It is now possible to modify the name of each item in the list (e.g. the name of the rooms, sites of origin, etc…), even if the item has already been associated with a reservation!
7. Print your reservations as a PDF file with the colors you have chosen.
8. Update of the code that allows RoomPlan to adjust to the new versions of Android and iOS.
9. Fixing of some bugs of the 2.0 version.

RoomPlan 2.5 is already set up to communicate with the RoomPlan Online versions for PC and Mac, even if they are not available yet! We have decided to include this feature in the 2.5 version in order to avoid the release of another major update in the next few months.

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