The server-side services will be free of charge until the third trimester of the year

Many of you have asked us how long the server-side services will remain free.
By means of this article, we hope to remove all doubt regarding the matter.

First of all, the above-mentioned services are related to:

– Save Backup
– Restore Backup
– Sync data with other devices
– Send reservations in PDF
– Restore password
– Change e-mail
These are the FREE OF CHARGE services available at the moment and they will remain as such until the third trimester of this year; therefore do not worry, you will not lose your data!

As soon as changes are made, we will contact you and you will make your own choice: no transaction will be automatically completed.

The activation of the above-mentioned services WITH FEE will result from a specific request you can make directly from our website using Paypal as a payment method (which is at the moment the most secure payment gateway!), not from your device, which is connected to your credit card through your Apple or Google account.

We have not established the cost of those operations yet, however, we can ensure you as of now the above-mentioned services will be available by taking out a subscription (monthly, quarterly or annual) for a few Euro.

If you don’t want to take advantage of these services, you will be able to continue to use the app without any problem and completely free of charge!

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