How to upgrade safely to RoomPlan 2.5

In the latest update of RoomPlan, our team has made many major changes, such as the updating of the database and the arrangement of the app for future versions for PC and Mac. As a matter of fact, by installing the update 2.5 of our app, your old database will be converted to a new one, which is required for RoomPlan Online.

The conversion will happen automatically, as well as for any other app, without any intervention needed on your part; however, for extra security, our team highly implores you to follow the instructions provided below.

Take these steps:

1. BEFORE you update the app, BACKUP YOUR DATA! You can create a backup on RoomPlan by choosing “Options”->”Save Backup”

2. Now you can update the app!

Once you update the app, it will automatically convert your old database to a new one and therefore you will be able to take advantage of all the new features of RoomPlan 2.5.

WARNING: Once you install the update, it will no longer be possible for you to synchronize your data across devices that have not made the 2.5 update. As a matter of fact, if the app uses two different databases, it will not be able to Restore an unconverted Backup, therefore you must update RoomPlan on every device used by you or your employees to still be able to take advantage of the Backup/Restore functions.

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