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Digital Media

Rooms Management always with you

RoomPlan is the app that allows to move from the reservations management made on paper to a digital medium, extremely easier and more flexible. Take it always with us and use even without internet connection.
Share your reservation

Synchronize data between more ‘devices’

RoomPlan works on all Apple devices and on all Android operating system devices. You can share the reservations entered with more devices, even if they use a different operating system. It will allow you and your employees to have at your fingertips, anytime and in any place, the situation of your reservations.
Available Now!

RoomPlan Web Software and synchronization between PCs and devices.

Use RoomPlan WEB on your PC! Access from your PC to the data you have stored on tablet or smartphone. Our application is designed for people who are not very familiar with the use of computers. Synchronize your reservations with an easy-to-use and intuitive software.
Backup & Sync
Keep everything safe

Use our server services

RoomPlan secures reservations and informations that are the foundation of your business. The backup function allows you to backup and recover data if the device is lost or broken. Consider what alternatives you have if your diary or notebook is lost or damaged! How can you retrieve the result of months of data enter?
More: you can send from the device a PDF file with reservations and a confirmation e-mail directly to the guest or build a mailing list of your customers.
Live statistics!

Analyzes the statistics of your business

RoomPlan has also a very simple way for studying your trend hospitality business. Enter only the period you are interested in and get in a few seconds business indexes and statistics. Analyze them and improve your results.

Purchase condition Faqs

Server services will always be free?

If you download our RoomPlan app, server services (Save, Restore, Sync, Sending PDF) will be free for 60 days. After that you must buy a license from HERE in order to continue to use the server functions of your account.

RoomPlanOnline is included in the price?

The licenses RoomPlan (the application) and RoomPlanOnline (software) are independent. You can buy the licenses for RoomPlan App and for RoomPlanOnline from our e-commerce website tourist-tools.net.

Can I use the same calendar on more devices?

You can use our app on an unlimited number of devices but, in order to sync your calendar, you’ll need to buy one of our “RoomPlan App – Server Functions” licenses. You need only one license per account and you can sync your calendar with an unlimited number of devices.

Provide assistance for problems and suggestions?

You can consult our FAQ page or our Facebook page. In addition, we are always available for all RoomPlan users at our email. Write to us. One of us is always available to help you!